Friday, 9 November 2018

On camp we went to the Auckland zoo where we all learn´t about CHIPP. Chipp Is holds all the threats to our endangered animals. C for climate change when the Ice usually melts and the poller bears sometimes die, H for habitat loss Is when they loss there home or family because thieve died, I for Introduced pests which Is when stoats possums and more kill our animals but mostly our native animals, P for poaching which Is when people kill endangered animals because 1.There trying to keep there home or village safe 2.for there tusks or horns and lastly they want the meat to either get rich or there hungry and last P Is for pollution for an example a turtle can It a plastic bag mistaken for a jelly fish and a seagull can also eat a plastic bag or a plastic bottle mistaken for a fish and theres a lot more but we need to save our animals and STOP BEING LAZY!!

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  1. Hi Lulu i'm Lara and I think strongly about your blog post my feedback would be to maybe say why you did your post.
    Is this a focus in your class ?